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MCI JH-636 fully loaded mixing console

MCI JH-636_01

MCI JH-636 recording console.


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MCI JH 636 1981 fully loaded! $4,500


"Due to inquiries, I have stripped down this auction to include JUST THE MIXER, power supplies, and cables. I will list spare parts separately. If you have been watching this auction, please take note of this change before you consider bidding.

Up for auction is my 1981 MCI JH636. Due to age, it does show some physical wear. The meter bridge has a dent I couldn’t pound out, and there is a slice in the arm rest. The automation is not working but has all its pieces and they appear to be in good condition. The board is due for a recap, and the meter light bulbs need to be replaced. ,

Now for the good.

The board comes fully loaded with 36 i/o channels. Currently loaded are 27 channels with the more versatile vari-q equalizer, 9 i/o channels with the standard eq, and the 3 master section modules. The board comes with a 636 audio PSU and 636 peripheral/automation PSU, as well as 20 foot cables to connect the PSUs to the console. Also included is the full technical manual. ALL CHANNELS AND PSUs ARE WORKING, the board is in decent working condition. I have recently gone through the board and replaced any bad push button switches and a few scratchy pots. Great board for the money! Also included are the following snakes and the rest of the Tuchel connectors I will no longer need (6+ of them)."



MCI 618B Recording Console $4,100


"MCI 618B console located in NYC, this console came from a private owner in New Jersey and was put up to fully functional condition by my tech here in Brooklyn.

I put over 1500.00 additional dollars of work into wiring this console up so it will come with tuchels and wiring fully ready to drop into pro tools. I am also going to pass along the tech's information to whomever buys as he is very experienced by this point with the console itself.

16 Channels, AUX, 4 channel eqs and pres on every channel. Very convenient and easy to use.




MCI JH-636_01

MCI JH-636_02


"A VINTAGE Music Center Incorporated MCI JH-636 . The console was originally owned by turner broadcasting systems and had one other owner, who was the former drummer from the Dropkick Murphys. The board itself is in great shape, but does have the usual scratchy pot here and there, but has been extremely reliable for me for the last few years. It has a retrofitted producers desk that can be easily removed and not used if you'd like. I just replaced all the bulbs on the VU meters and they have all been calibrated and all work. This model comes with the full patch bay and Microphone patching option which makes moving/sending mics around wayy easy, (notice the red 96pt strip in the bay). It has Two john Hardy M1 preamps and comes with and COMPLETE SPARE MASTER SECTION AND RISER CARD FOR TECH CHECKING CHANNELS. Included are: Two manuals with wiring diagrams, Full master fader section , 8 extra monitor faders, master Automation fader, as well as a few extra channels (3). These boards mixed 80% of the hits until 1985 when SSL took over their spot and MCI was sold to Sony. The automation does work, but will need to be teched by Steve Sadler, Via Skype (His service is 200.00 for the year of unlimited MCI support). However with protools, I doubt you will be using it.. comes with 36 channel snake and snakes for outboard already wired to sends 1-6 and 24 in to pro tools. Tape 2 is set for a masterlink or additional two track and Tape 3 hard wired to protools 2 bus. The 2 mix wired as normal and is currently being used with our JH-24 tape machine. I already saw a few more beat up short loaded ones go for 6K . This console comes with a lot of snakes and extra channels/parts/faders ect. This board was commissioned by the head tech at Chicago Recording Company and was deemed to be a really nice Condition/Shape board. Famous records by Metallica/Scorpions White Lion and Many others (AC/DC) were all tracked on MCI. Our Submissions were picked 10 times for the Tommy Lee Methods of mayhem Public Record, and Two of the tracks can be heard on this new record. Over 17,000 people submitted to this, guess the producer really liked what he was Hearing. "



MCI JH-528 Recording Console

MCI JH 528_01

MCI JH 528_02


"MCI JH 528 Console. A rare opportunity to own a classic. Originally installed at Atlantic Studios in New York, it was then sold to an independent studio before going into storage. Very few were made in this configuration, and there aren't many left. PSU's were recently serviced and the board was used on a session before going into storage last year for a second time. Modules that are missing in first photo of console were out for repair."



Sony MXP 3036 mixer console US $6,000

Sony MXP 3036 _01

Sony MXP 3036 _02

Sony MXP3036 console: Mixer is in good shape with (36) input channels. The MXP3036 console includes patch-bay, (16) Variable State (EQ33) eq's and the remaining Wien type. This console can be updated with API pre-amps, Eq's or John Hardy pre-amps. Make Offer....


(36) MXBK-MI31 (pre-amps)
(20) MXBK-EQ32 (eq)
(16) MXBK-EQ33 (eq)
(2) Power Supplies
(2) Cable Ducts

US $6,000



FS: Sony MCI MXP 3000 Console USED LOC:US

Sony MXP 3000 5

Sony MXP 3000 4

Sony MXP 3000 3

Sony MXP 3000 2

Sony MXP 3000 1

From auction
"Everything you'll need to run the board will be provided, including manuals patch cabling etc. All V.U. meters are in great condition, All faders are in great condition."


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FS:MCI JH528B Recording Console

MCI JH528B Picture 4

MCI JH528B  Picture 5

From the auction

Up for purchase is an MCI JH528B recording console. Serial # 074. Date of manufacture: 11/23/77. This board powers up, but the plasma meter does not. The overall condition of this board is good. In fact, the stuff I've recorded through it sounds amazing, especially the guitars recorded through the inboard mic pres. However, I am not an audio technician. I do not have the expertise needed to make this board what it needs to be. Each channel needs a thorough going over. 14 to 17 channels receive and send audio. Every channel needs tech servicing and repairs. If I could have found a reliable tech near me I would have undertaken the repairs, but I simply could not find the right person for the job. Now its too late as I've changed careers, so its time to send this board to someone who can restore it to its former glory. The board is clean, and a good amount of work was done the first few days a tech was in to get the board powered up after transport. Both main supplies have been 70 to 80% rebuilt. Voltage regulation is solid. No work has been done to the plasma meter supply or its spare. No work has been done to the other main supply spare. All supplies are included in the auction. The manual is missing some key schematics that may be purchased from Blevins (if you are persistent


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MCI JH-636 Recording console LOC:MN, United States


32 channels in a 36 channel frame. Can add 4 more if you want.
20 channels are the parametric (on the swept mids) EQ channels, the other 12 are the standard EQ channels.
24 busses.
24 channel VU meters and Left, Right, and Mono VU meters.
6 Aux sends: 1 and 2 mono, 3/4 and 5/6 stereo bus. Your choice of pre/post on each send, channel by channel.
Three band EQ with swept mids, and swept shelving on the highs and lows. Super useful.
Huge patchbay with many different insert point possibilities, and all of them balanced. Balanced inserts! Really nice for any balanced compressors in your rack. And patchbay is complete. 8 96 pt tt patchbay modules, plus one someone added to make it easy to patch a mic into an outboard preamp. I think a lot of studios could plug every single thing they've got into the patchbay and still have room left over. I know I did.

LOC:MN, United States



MCI JH542 42 Channel 1979 Mixing Console Refurbished LOC:UK $30,190.50(GBP 18,000.00)