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Yamaha Pm1000 32 Channel Console

Yamaha Pm1000 32 Channel Mixing Board_01

Yamaha Pm1000 32 Console

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yamaha PM1000 PM-1000 8 channel sidecar US $1,700


"very cool custom PM 1000 8 Channel side car.
8 channel preamp sidecar with entire channel strip intact. Fader & input gain level control,
tamura transformers ,XLR input/ 1/4 Balanced TRS output. Ready to Plug right in to your
patchbay for tracking.

Pwr supply(30-35 foot detachable connector cable).
A separate custom made 8 channel Phantom Power rack with led lights for each channel.The phantom Pwr box comes with a long XLR in/ XLR out connector box.
There is plenty of information online about this type of rack job, but you will be hard pressed to
find an 8 channel sidecar like this anywhere.

This unit is PERFECT for anyone wanting some deep thick pres for bass, kills as drum sidecar, string trcking, reamping, etc... without the hassle of a huge full sized board."


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Yamaha PM 1000-32 fully restored, Neve 1272 master outs US $7,000


"This 32 channel PM-1000 has been completely recapped and serviced by qualified technician. New cap values were supplied by Electrical designer Dan Kennedy (Great River Electronics) This increased the bottom end, mid range and high end. A PM 1000 never sounded so good! Exceeding factory specs.
On each of the four master buss outs a Neve 1272 was installed using the circuitry to sum and as an output driver, the way the 1272 was designed to be used in the early 8014, 8028 etc... This included using original Neve BA 183 cards and Carnhil input and output transformers. A separate power supply drives the output buses. Increased headroom.

All discrete circuitry and transformer balanced input and output transformers.

Over $10,000 invested in quality tech time and materials



Yamaha PM1000 16 ch recording console Japanese Neve LOC:AU

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These are very hard to find as full mixing desks these days. Most have been stripped down to modules and sold off individually. Here is you chance to own what many in the industry refer to as the Japanese Neve. These consoles sound amazing and will make a perfect addition to any DAW based or other recording studio. Compared to other serious consoles this has a small footprint also making it perfect for a home studio as well.

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