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Neumann M50a pair #204/339 (for sale:used) Holy Grail Omni Tube Mic – Matched Pair!

Nice pair of original M50's. Includes Neumann NKM PSU's, original shock mounts and microphone cables.

Korby serviced and stereo matched with a 1 year warranty on their work.

The M50 is a pressure-type microphone with non-directional characteristics. After its introduction in 1950, the outstanding characteristics of the Neumann M50 made it a standard for the recording of symphony orchestras. A pair of M50's were famously used on one of the very first commercially available stereo recordings: 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss, released by RCA in 1954. This performance by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under Fritz Reiner is still available today, although instead of open-reel tape, you can now hear the brilliance of the Neumann M50 microphone in SACD format.

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