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Tablebeast Modified Ampex 601 2 channel Tube Pre Amp DI Mod Conversion Service $599


"Ampex 601 Two Channel Microphone Preamplifier Conversion Service

Single Tape Machine Monoblock Amp converted into a 2 channel Microphone Preamplifier

** Please note, this auction is priced below my regular price of $799 BIN for the first four customers ONLY. Once four orders are taken at the discount pricing, it will go back to the regular price. **

This auction is for the conversion of 1 (one) stock, working Ampex 601 module into a two channel microphone preamplifier. Just to be clear, this auction is for the modification service only, the item pictured is for reference only and is not for sale. The donor Ampex 601 unit and all input and/or output transformers must be provided by the buyer and shipped to me at their expense for me to complete the conversion. These modules are MADE TO ORDER, by hand, one at a time, and can take up to a month to build. Now , my modifications are very different than others you may find here on Ebay or around the web. I have also priced my conversions to be very competitive with other such services. Just to be clear this is no simple refresh or a copy of known mods. No, instead it is an original design of my own based on classic designs but not a clone of anything in particular. The modification is a COMPLETE reworking of this unit from the ground up. My process involves stripping the chassis bare, then ALL parts are: removed, cleaned, refurbished, rethought, and then finally reinstalled or replaced with new parts where applicable. In short, this is effectively a brand new unit with some vintage parts such as the chassis, transformers and meter incorporated. Think of it like a modern hot rod car! The modified Ampex 601 chassis, when my modification is complete, consists of two discrete, all-tube, high-voltage, high-gain, audio preamplifier circuits inside the single module with a shared tube power supply feeding both channels. This particular unit (pictured for reference only) has two Altec 4722 Input Transformers and two 2282 output transformers installed (the Altec 15095 transformer is also socket compatible with this design). These units can be wired to accept these Altec or original Ampex style octal plug-in transformers, whichever you prefer."


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